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Introduction to Ultimate Destiny

A Message from a Cofounder on the Evolution of Ultimate Destiny

Puzzle Ultimate Destiny

Has your life ever felt like a twisted (or perhaps even broken) Rubik’s Cube? My life certainly has. Sometimes, even after years of study and work on myself, I would let myself fall into the pit of discouragement, and I’d feel depressed, or overwhelmed.

Then, somehow, I would again remember that I am a creative genius and the architect of my destiny. I would practice the principles of successful living and would once again enjoy alignment with Universal Laws. I would remember to believe in me and in the Creative Process.

As I shared the stories of my ups and downs with my coaches and Mastermind group, we discovered that all of us had experienced the same process in our lives. There had come a point in time when each of us wanted to grow personally, developing in many directions in order to realize more of our potential, find and fulfill our life’s purpose, and learn how to manifest our ultimate destinies.

Ultimate destiny?” we asked ourselves. “What does that really mean? What does it entail?”

We began the search for answers by getting out a flip chart and creating some quizzes. We put those quizzes on the Internet and asked people to answer the questions they presented. As we reviewed the input from the public, we again got out the flip chart and brainstormed the concept of Ultimate Destiny.

We listed the 12 areas or facets of ultimate success in life that had been identified in the answers from the quizzes. We also looked at examples of individuals who had been recognized for living their Ultimate Destiny and helping others to fulfill theirs.

These areas were:

Realizing Personal Growth and Actualizing Potential
Attaining Financial Freedom
Enjoying Loving Relationships
Enjoying Optimal Health
Raising Your Consciousness
Living in Peace, Joy, and Balance
Fulfilling Your Life Purpose
Achieving Ultimate Success in Business or Career
Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment
Fostering Global Sustainability
Harnessing Your Creative Power
Making a Difference, Leaving a Legacy

As we began exploring and experimenting with these facets of successful living, looking for ways that we and others could begin fulfilling our Ultimate Destiny, we began to see that it was like the picture on the cover of a puzzle box, and we created the Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle.

We developed the concept and outline for a series of books on how to Discover and Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny. We created the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award to recognize individuals who are living their Ultimate Destiny while helping others manifest their own. Next, we started conducting research on the best tested and proven resources for achieving success in each area.

We started writing short articles and quizzes for each of the 12 areas that lead to fulfilling one’s Ultimate Destiny. We also included self assessment quizzes, application exercises, implementation methods, strategies and systems designed to help anyone interested in realizing their ultimate success to be able to do so in the shortest amount of time and with the lowest investment of money.

After months of research and development, testing and refining, we are now ready to share what we’ve learned with others like you who want to Realize More of Your Potential; Attain Financial Freedom; Enjoy Loving Relationships; Enjoy Optimal Health; Raise Your Level of Consciousness; Live in Peace and Balance; Fulfill Your Life Purpose; Achieve Ultimate Success in Business or Career; Attain Spiritual Enlightenment; Foster Personal and Global Sustainability; Harness Your Creative Power; and Make a Difference and Leave A Legacy.

As a result of studying and applying the breakthrough technologies and exercises presented here, you will be empowered to embody Paul J. Meyer’s formula:

“Whatever you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe,
and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.” — Paul J. Meyer

You will learn how to vividly imagine your Ultimate Destiny, and will enjoy accelerated success because of your ardently held desires. The self-discovery work you do will reinforce your sincere beliefs. And the goal-setting and strategic planning exercises you complete will help ensure that you always act enthusiastically positively, effectively, and efficiently as you design and manifest your Ultimate Destiny, which must inevitably come forth!

Please read on for more details about how our initial visioning and masterminding evolved into the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living and the Ultimate Destiny Success System and the network of Resource Centers for each of the 14 stand-alone titles.

Charles Betterton, Cofounder of Ultimate Destiny and Coauthor of the Ultimate Destiny Success System with a mock up of the Small Group Discussion Guidebooks.

Ultimate Destiny University and the Ultimate Destiny Success System

Ultimate Destiny University (UDU) is a non-profit organization created to help members and students realize more of your inherent potential, fulfill your life purpose and manifest your ultimate destiny. UDU publishes, produces and distributes programs, products and services to facilitate personal, organizational and community empowerment, enlightenment, consciousness, sustainability and transformation.

Ultimate Destiny University features some of the world’s leading authorities as “faculty members” and resource providers in dozens of “colleges” and fields of studyas shown in the diagram.  The programs and featured resources cover 12 major facets of fulfilling your ultimate destiny.

Many of the faculty members and featured resource providers have been given theUltimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award. The award recognizes individuals and in some cases programs) that help individuals realize more of their potential and fulfill your destiny. Included are the essential Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century.

The ultimate goal of Ultimate Destiny is to help Expand the Circle of Success for Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles by helping establish a network of non-profitCommunity Resource Centers that will provide Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century.

Ultimate Destiny is fostering the realization of human potential and “Expanding the Circle of Success” through the establishment of an international network of facilities and facilitators that provide resources for personal, organizational, and community empowerment. Our team has been conducting research for more than 40 years on the best programs, products and trainers to discover those that actually deliver results and help participants learn how to develop successful living skills.

We have developed dozens of new proprietary programs, products and systems that help people learn how to learn. We have also developed strategic alliances with the producers of best-selling programs and have developed adaptations of their programs designed to be more effective for the populations we serve, especially those who may have had limited experience with development training materials. .

We are helping these individuals learn how to put their own “success puzzles” together. And just like the story about the father and his son, as the individual pieces come together for each person, the puzzle for the whole world begins to come into focus.

Each of the 14 stand-alone titles in the Ultimate Destiny Success System are filled with fun interactive quizzes, self-discovery exercises, implementation tools and featured resources designed to help readers realize more of their potential, fulfill their life purpose and mission and discover how to create their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each individual.) The main title is Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle.

In addition to product development activities, we have been designing, testing and refining various models for the local delivery of educational programs which has been documented in some of the hundreds of newspaper articles at

This work has included: developing award-winning Community Resource Centers and Centers for Successful Living; and creating an award-winning  Success Center Partnership for the Muncie, Indiana Public Housing Authority.
That project is an excellent example of the results we expect to generate through the Expanding the Circle of Success Program.

Les Brown, one of the top speakers and motivational trainers in the world, helped CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment) adapt the 100 page workbook from his $100 Choosing Your Own Future product into a 12 page workbook for children as young as 7 years old who lived in public housing. Click Here for a PDF newspaper excerpt on how Les reached the youth and why the project received state and national award recognition.

As a result of the award-winning success of the Muncie prototype, Charles Betterton (who designed the program and wrote the $250,000 HUD Drug Prevention grant that funded it) and Benita Smith, Executive Director of the Housing Authority, were invited to share a presentation at the National Association of Housing and redevelopment Officials Conference. Click Here for a PDF of that presentation on How To Create A Success Center Partnership for Your PHA or Community Development Corporation.

One of the current projects is creating Empowerment Marionettes of world-class trainers such as Les Brown, Deepak Chopra, and Mark Victor Hansen. Seed grants are presently being sought to produce a TV pilot and sample DVDs to demonstrate how the programs harness the power of edutainment to help youth discover and actualize more of their potential. Click Here for a one page overview).

We’re also creating You Can CAN DO!, a turn-key system for helping organizations and communities learn how to pool their resources and co-produce large scale development training programs featuring some of the top success coaches in the world such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Britt, and Mark Victor Hansen.

While these prototypes for locally initiated community resource centers provide the “brick and mortar” component of our marketing and distribution strategy, we also have incorporated “click and learn” technologies for distance learning on the Internet through the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living.

We envision an international network of thousands of local Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers™ and Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems, staffed with certified Successful Living Coaches™, Empowerment Consultants™ and Empower Mentors™. These centers will provide new and expanded distribution channels for the world’s best resources for personal, spiritual, organizational and community empowerment.

As a result, millions of people could be helped to develop a larger vision of themselves. They will learn how to set and achieve goals, increase their performance levels, manifest stewardship over increased financial resources, fulfill their highest possible destinies and live happier more productive lives.

There is the potential for thousands of new businesses and millions of new jobs to be created. Families, neighborhoods and communities will be empowered and strengthened. Successive generations will realize more of their potential and America will fulfill its ultimate destiny as an example of a fully actualized society enlightening the world

Our ultimate goal is to help millions of people world-wide A.R.K.Awaken to their true identity as spiritual beings; Realize more of their potential; and Know how to create their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each individual). We plan to serve as the catalyst for the establishment of thousands of locally initiated facilities all over the world and the certification of thousands of facilitators. This will be accomplished primarily through strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading resources for success and empowerment, including world-class success coaches and trainers.

Invitation to Participate

Ultimate Destiny and our partners in this project seek to help people, organizations and communities realize their full human potential by providing them with expanded access to educational programs and services including personal, professional, organizational, community, and social development and empowerment.

One project is the publication of a book to present this proposal to establish a national network of community resource centers designed to foster self-help, empowerment and capacity building, the three foundational principles of community economic development.

We are preparing to publish a book to introduce this CED project for Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles: Expanding Our Global Capacity to Address Challenges and Opportunities by Helping Individuals, Non-profit Organizations and Communities Foster Self-Help, Empowerment and Transformation.

The book will feature insights, recommendations and featured resources from the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award™ Recipients such as: Paul J. Meyer, Les Brown, Brian Tracy,Ken Blanchard, Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jack Canfield, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, etc.

Each of them will be invited to share their recommendations and featured resources for helping individuals, NPO’s, companies and communities realize more their potential to help address the challenges and the opportunities that lie before us.

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